Do you know what smartphone apps your kids are using?

Knowing what smartphone apps your kids are using is important!

Parents do you know what apps your kids are using? Middle school and High School kids are starting to move beyond Facebook and Twitter. And they may not be showing you what app’s they’re using. It’s easy for them to delete an app and then reinstall it after you have checked their phone or tablet. A lot of bullying and other negative things happen on these apps because kids can choose to be anonymous.  Reverse phone lookup software can normally be used to combat bullying, however, most of these apps don’t need a phone number to operate.  So if you want to be sure that your child is safe online you should download these apps and get familiar with them:

Another app that is unfortunately becoming popular with cyber bullies is This app lets people post questions and answers to a wide user base, sort of like Reddit. But there have been several documented cases of teens using to attack and bully other people. Some of these cases ended in suicide when the person being targeted felt victimized to the point where they couldn’t take it anymore. Check your child’s phone or tablet often to see if is on there. If it is, check the app and see what your child is doing on the app. Delete it if necessary to protect your child from cyber bullying.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a private message app that lets users exchange messages and photos anonymously. All people need to register is an email address so anyone can make up a dummy email and register. It doesn’t require phone numbers so you can’t use reverse phone lookup software to find a user. Even though the app is rated 17+ a lot of teens and even some middle schoolers use it so they can send messages anonymously. But, some adults use it to target children and try to get them to send explicit pics or try to engage them in sexting. Since there is no age verification this is a dangerous app for teens and kids to be on.


Voxer is a hybrid app that has a walkie talkie like functionality. Kids can send short voice messages back and forth without having to make phone calls. Phone calls are traceable by reverse phone lookup software, but Voxer messages aren’t. This is a dangerous feature because it allows bullies to send hateful or hurtful messages to victims without having to worry about being traced.


You might already be familiar with SnapChat because it’s a pretty popular app. But it’s a pretty dangerous one for kids to use. They are attracted to it because it has a lot of stickers and filters that are fun to play with. But the ability to snap a picture and send it right away isn’t a good thing for teens and younger kids to have. They don’t have the best judgement and don’t consider what might happen in the future so they are more likely to send out pics that they shouldn’t. If your kids use SnapChat spring into action and make sure that they know what types of pics are appropriate and what types aren’t.

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