Homeschooling is going mainstream and more and more families are embracing it thanks to changes in technology. Homeschooling was difficult and kids usually didn’t get a great education. But thanks to the changes in technology (for better or worse) in the last few years more and more families are taking advantage of homeschooling as a way to give their kids a great education.


It’s Never To Young To Start


Home School With Real Teachers

These days kids can be taught at home thanks to online education that is led by actual certified teachers who follow state and national curriculums to help kids get a good education. Kids need computers or tablets in order to access their lessons but they can video chat with teachers and classmates and they can complete their assignments online in real time so that the teacher can grade them.

Homeschooling Options

I never considered homeschooling for my kids until we moved to an area where the schools were definitely not great. My husband’s job required us to move and we found the perfect house in our price range, but the tradeoff was that the schools were not great. I found out about all the great benefits of homeschooling online. We bought the house and decided to homeschool the kids. It’s turning out to be the best decision we ever made. 


Bonding With Family Starts At Home

It Can Work

My kids even have digital books that record their progress as they go. I found out this technology was first used for online college courses but now all online schools use it. My kids read the chapter, complete the exercises, and their work is recorded so it can be viewed by the teacher later on. If they don’t do their work they can’t lie their way out of it which is great for accountability. I don’t need to use a spy app from Best Cell Phone Spy Apps to watch them!

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