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With the way the world is now, technology permeates every aspect of our lives. It affects our careers, our family lives, and our social lives. With the prevalence of social media and other online apps, there are so many benefits to having the internet in our lives. People are aware of the many dangers but not the benefits of the internet and social media. Like the Yanny vs. Laurel debate with your partner. 



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The internet has helped people perform so many tasks that used to be much more difficult or, at the very least, take up much more time. But one of the areas that technology has had the greatest impact is on our relationships. Especially if one partner is using a cell phone spy

Social Media and Connection

Social media has made it easier for people to connect with one another. Whether someone is down the street or across the world, one is now able to connect with them because of apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. While these connections are surface-level at first, some have grown into lifelong friendships and even dating relationships, all because people were able to connect through social media.

Technology and Dating

On the note of dating, something that’s become more and more common is for people to use an app to find someone to go on a date with. For many people, the idea of dating someone that they met online still leaves a bitter taste in their mouth. But for others, it’s a way to meet people that their busy life would prevent them from knowing without tools such as these. A couple of the most common apps for dating are Tinder and Bumble. They aren’t perfect, but they have helped people to meet those around them. 



iPad’s Have Become Extremely Popular

Having Fun with Friends

From video games to services like Netflix, technology has made having a good time with friends simpler than ever before. Technology has revolutionized entertainment, and the way that people are able to spend time with their friends and loved ones. In 2018, the game Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world and is bringing people together through it’s free-to-play services.

News outlets love to broadcast the negative impacts that technology is having on our relationships. They say it’s making us more isolated and depressed. In many cases they may be right, and technology is not without its negative effects. But it has had a positive impact as well. Besides, when it comes to technology, we are still unpacking what it means for us in the modern world to live with all of these tools at our fingertips. If you enjoyed this, read my last post about selling old electronics.

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