The strongest foundation of support one can ever receive is from the familial support system. There is nothing like the kind of love that the family can share with each other. To build one another’s strengths and to comfort in times of weakness. The most basic unit of the society empowers individuals from inside the home and out into the community. It is very important to receive the right amount of support whenever we are facing challenges and situations wherein our decision-making might affect the future.

Every member of the family plays an important role towards every other member. They must share mutual supportive qualities for a better relationship within the family.

Here are some of the simplest ways on how to build a healthy family support system:

Proper Communication

Communication is the number one key to every relationship. Practicing proper communication within the family allows every member to learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in the clearest way. We wouldn’t want to have constant miscommunication because it can be a root of any conflict. Being able to converse in the most effective manner involves everyone being heard with reason and understanding.

Individual Responsibility

Each one is accountable for their own actions. The members have their own sense of responsibility when it comes to their own choices and actions. The family is always there to provide assistance when needed. However, giving accountability to the family member makes him/her more considerate about the wellbeing of everyone in the group, and not just his/her self.

Appreciation and Compliments

Showing appreciation and giving compliments is one way to boost each other’s self-esteem. It is very crucial that whenever there’s a conversation about one member’s sharing of passion, hobbies, or accomplishments—whether it’s big or small, that the family members will show their genuine support.

Family Quality Time

Spending quality time builds everyone’s trust with one another. You open up to your family and trust them that they will accept you and love you no matter what, just what you’d do for them. Knowing that you can be yourself when you’re around your family is a very big factor in building your individual character and your family’s bond.

Develop Wise Decision-making Skills

Members must help each other in developing wise decision-making skills. They’re the ones who can help you see through every situation because no one else knows you as your family does. Problems may arise whether it’s at home or outside. You can learn from other family members on how to face trials in the most positive way.


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