Winter break is approaching, and parents are thinking about where they want to take their family on vacation. When traveling, just make sure that you use a handy website like Kiwi Searches to help you stay safe. Here’s a city you might not have considered: Salt Lake City. The capitol of Utah is known for its outdoor activities, being the international headquarters for the LDS Church, and being surrounded by the Wasatch Range of mountains. As one of the fastest growing cities in the USA, it has many things to offer its residents and visitors. Utah has everything from amazing restaurants to epic hiking trails.

City Creek Shopping Center

City Creek Shopping Center is one of the best places in Salt Lake City. Covering three blocks in the heart of downtown Salt Lake, it has many different kinds of shopping. There are many popular, well-known stores, such as Vans, the Apple Store, Teavana, and Macy’s. You can also check out state-of-the-art residential areas by using Kiwi Searches to find addresses, as well as foliage-lined walkways with streams of water. Plus, you have plenty of restaurant options. City Creek Shopping Center truly has something to offer anyone who needs a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy city streets.

Red Iguana

Located just a little outside the heart of Salt Lake City is Red Iguana, truly one of the best Mexican restaurants that the west has to offer. It’s won numerous international awards for years, it’s been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and it’s served Salt Lake City for over 30 years. Ramon and Maris Cardenas opened Red Iguana for business in 1985. They were natives to Mexico, and the restaurant is now managed and operated by their children.

You can expect authentic, delicious, and traditional Mexican food, as well as a 30-minute wait. But it’s worth every minute for an amazing experience on all levels. Check it out if you’re hungry and want to try something special.

The Salt Lake City Library

The interior of SLC Library.

SLC Library has beautiful architecture.

The Salt Lake City Library has a rich history because it’s been in numerous buildings and locations for the past 100 years. However, the current library is an architectural marvel and has been opened to the public since February of 2003. It has five wedge-shaped stories, so it’s massive! It also has enough sections to offer something to anyone who visits, from adults to teenagers and children. The library has over 500,000 books, as well as subscriptions to 60 newspapers.

The outside of the library is just as impressive, with a courtyard full of shops to visit, a fountain to relax by, a rooftop garden, and two coffee shops to enjoy treats. The SLC library is a local favorite and a must-see for any visitors.


Plus, there are many more places to visit and things to do in this wonderful city. For example, you can use Kiwi Searches to look up an address for a store or restaurant you want to visit. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a permanent resident, don’t overlook these three places!

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